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Aluminium Window Making Machines That Does Not Need Eskom

Discover the Art of Aluminium Window Making with Our Expert Machines

Aluminium Window Making Machines that do not like Eskom.

Once upon a time, in the sunny land of South Africa, there was a magical tool that could create windows out of thin air.

Well, not exactly thin air, but from sleek aluminium profiles.

This wasn't just any tool; it was the Manual Aluminium Window Making Machine from AluCrimp Solutions, a wizard in its own right.

It didn't need the usual potions of electricity or the complicated spells of pneunmatics to work its magic.

No, it was powered by the sheer will and strength of its operator, making it perfect for the land where electricity was as unpredictable as a dragon's mood.

In a place where power cuts were more common than rain, this Aluminium Window Making Machine was a beacon of hope for all those who wished to craft beautiful windows without the fear of sudden darkness. 

It was a trusty companion for novices venturing into the Aluminium Window Making Business, teaching them the art of window crafting as simply as if explaining to a child how to build a castle out of blocks.

AluCrimp Solutions, the only manufacturer of Non-Electric Aluminium Window Corner Crimping Machines in South Africa, stands proudly behind this creation.


Corner Crimping Machine for Aluminium Profiles - AluCrimp

With our physical Sales Office located at 128 Monument Road, Aston Manor, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, and a world-class online store, we are the knights in shining armour for aspiring aluminium window makers.

We can be reached at 0680483983 or through our magical portal at

Our Aluminium Window Making Machines are like the trusty steeds of knights, reliable and ready for battle, helping businesses to forge ahead without the need for electric sorcery.

They are compact, easy to carry to the farthest reaches of the kingdom, and required no mystical energy to operate.

So, dear Entrepreneurs, if you're ready to embark on a quest to create Aluminium Windows that shine like the morning sun, ask yourself:

"Am I ready to join the ranks of window-making wizards with AluCrimp Solutions by my side?"

What will your legacy be in the annals of the Aluminium Window Making realm?

Aluminium Window Making Machines by AluCrimp Solutions crimp casement 28mm and 30.5mm without changing the casement tool.

We sell all our Aluminium Window Making Machines brand new unused with a 12-month warranty our simple expression of confidence in our design.

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