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Aluminium Cutting Machine for Window Profiles, Cut Profile Corners at 45° with Ease

Aluminium Cutting Machine for Window Profiles, Cut Profile Corners at 45° with Ease

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Aluminium Cutting Machine for 45° Mitre Cuts 

Aluminium Cutting Machine popularly known as Mitre Saw is a tool that resonates with aspiring and legendary Aluminium Window Fabrication businesses.

Aluminium Cutting Machine: Crafting Precision, Shaping Dreams

In the heart of a bustling workshop, where sunlight dances through the dust, there stands a machine—a silent architect of possibilities.

Its sleek aluminum frame gleams, hinting at the craftsmanship it harbors within.

This is no ordinary tool; it's your gateway to a world of precision and artistry—the Aluminum Cutting Machine.

Unveiling the Dimensions of our mitre saw 

At a mere 210mm in blade, this compact marvel defies its size.

It nestles seamlessly into your workspace, whispering promises of efficiency and finesse.

Imagine the crisp edges it will carve, the symmetrical mitre cuts it will orchestrate—all within the span of a breath.

The Aluminium Cutting Machine doesn't just cut aluminum profile corners; it shapes them to be ready for crimping.

1200 Watts of Illuminated Powered Aluminium Mitre Saw 

Electricity courses through its veins, awakening the 1200 Watts of raw energy.

As you flick the switch, the blade awakens—a celestial dance of tungsten and aluminum.

It hums, eager to transform mundane profiles into architectural wonders.

The workshop buzzes with anticipation; your fingertips tingle.

This isn't just a machine; it's your accomplice in creation.

Where Corners Meet Destiny

Designed with purpose, the Aluminum Cutting Machine embraces its destiny: to sculpt corners.

Picture the Aluminium Window Profiles—their angular secrets waiting to be revealed.

With surgical precision, this must have Aluminium bevels, chamfers, and miters.

It doesn't merely cut; it whispers to the aluminum, coaxing it into harmonious angles.

Each corner becomes a testament to your vision.

The Electric Symphony

Yes, AluCrimp's Mitre Saw is electricity-dependent—a humble tribute to modernity.

But don't mistake it for weakness; it's resilience wrapped in a power cord.

As the blade descends, it sings—a symphony of sparks and purpose.

The workshop floor catches the metallic snowflakes, bearing witness to your craftsmanship.

And when the cut is complete, the machine sighs—a satisfied conductor of your aluminum orchestra.

A Promise Sealed in 12 Months

As you invest in dreams, we pledge our faith.

The AluCrimp Aluminium Cutting Machine arrives with a 12-month warranty—a pact etched in aluminum and ink.

Should it falter, we stand by your side, ready to mend its heart.

Your journey into Aluminium Window Fabrication begins here, guided by precision, powered by passion.

Crafted for dreamers, wielded by artisans—the Aluminium Window Cutting Machine awaits. 🌠

Blade Size: 210 x 2.8 X 24T

Bore Diameter: 15.9 mm No-load Speed: 4500 rpm Cutting Capacity: mitre 0°, bevel 0° 120 x 50 mm mitre 0°, bevel 45° 120 x 22 mm mitre 45°, bevel 0° 85 x 50 mm mitre 45°, bevel 45° 85 x 22 mm Weight: 7.6 kg

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