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Makita Aluminium Cutting Machine

Makita Aluminium Cutting Machine

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Makita Aluminium Mitre Saw model LS1040

Utilizing the Makita Compound Aluminium Miter Saw (model LS1040, easily complete a variety of miter cuts for common tasks such as cutting aluminum profiles into window frame sizes and 45° profile corner cuts.

This powerful mitre saw is also perfect for any aluminum profile corners requiring mitre cuts ideal for preparing for corner crimping with Aluminium Window Corner Cleats to form a strong single window frame corner.

This versatile Aluminium Cutting Saw allows you to quickly and accurately make a wide range of miter cuts for aluminum profiles.

Aluminium Window fabrication projects are made easier and more precise with the Makita Aluminium Mitre Saw.

Aluminium Mitre Saw Makita Aluminium Compound

The specifications for this Makita Aluminium Cutting Machine include a power output of 1,650 W, a no load speed of 4,600 RPM, a blade diameter of 255 - 260 mm, a blade bore of 25.4 mm, and a max cutting capacity of 90.5 x 67 mm at 45° and 90.5 x 95 mm at 90°.

The cable length is 2.5 m and the package dimensions are 56.20 cm in length, 39.20 cm in width, and 37.40 cm in height with a weight of 16.060000 kg.

Choose the right safety gear and blade for quality results when cutting aluminum profiles. 

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