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Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine HP1640

Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine HP1640

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Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine

Aluminium Drilling Machine is a Dual purpose for "Rotation only" and "Rotation with hammering", 680W.

Drilling of lock, key a drainage holes

Achieve precise and efficient drilling with the Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine HP1640.

Its 680W power allows for dual purpose drilling, including "Rotation only" and "Rotation with hammering" modes.

This versatility makes it the perfect tool for various applications, such as drilling lock and key holes, as well as drainage holes

Expert Advice about Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine 

When it comes to drills, speed and torque (rotational power) are inversely related.

When the motor is in a faster gear, it has less torque.

When it is in a slower gear, it has more torque.

Learn how the Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine HP1640 provides optimal speed and torque for efficient drilling performance.

Upgrade to a professional-grade tool that is backed by industry expertise and engineering precision.

Aluminium Drilling Machines Package dimensions:

Length - 28.80cm, Width - 26.40cm, Height - 8.00cm, Weight - 2.440000kg

Specifications for AluCrimp's Aluminium Mitre Saw 

Chuck Size - 16 MM
Chuck Type - Keyed Chuck
Impact Rate - 44 800 /Min
Sound Level - NA
Torque - NA
Handle Side - Adjustable
Number Speed Settings - 1
No Load Speed - 2 800 RPM
Voltage Input - 230 V @ 50 HZ
Power Output - 680 W
Frequency - 50 HZ
Cable Length - 2.5 M
The Makita Aluminium Drilling Machine HP1640 offers reliable performance with its adjustable handle and key chuck.
With an impact rate of 44,800/Min and a 680 W power output, this machine is designed to handle even the toughest drilling tasks.
And with a 2.5m cable length and a frequency of 50HZ, you'll have plenty of flexibility and power to get your job done efficiently.


  1. Start with a punch—Pre-drilling will be much easier if you use an awl, or trim nail to punch a small depression where you want to drill. This helps guarantee very accurate drilling.
  2. Don’t use too much force—A drill should cut effectively with only consistent, minor force. Skinny bits will break if you push on them too hard.
  3. Step up sizes—Rather than use a lot of force, try starting with smaller drill bits and working your way up to the hole size you need.
  4. Do I not use Use high speeds for drilling Aluminium Profiles—Drill bits will work most effectively for drilling wood if you use high speeds.
  5. Use slow speeds for drilling Aluminium Profiles—Conversely, slow speeds should be used for drilling metal, because metal material is removed in small scoops. If a bit is moving too fast, it will just skim along the surface.
Become a pro at drilling with these tips and tricks.
Pre-drilling with an awl or trim nail guarantees precise results with minimal effort.
And remember to go slow when drilling into metal - high speeds are ideal for wood, but slow and steady wins the race with metal.
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